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Review of Black in Black:

Sometimes you have to keep amongst your own. That is often a struggle when it comes to black people and porno. The reason being is that there is such a big trend of watching interracial action in porn, that most of the black porn is there. Sometimes its hard to find stuff with black guys on black girls. And that is a shame if you think about it. Because even though it's easy to find good stuff with white girls and white guys, it doesn't play the same when both the actors are white? Well, a handful of sites are looking to break that boundary. And one of them just happens to be Black In Black, a member of the Stoney Pass network.

Black In Black is a video website with a focus on black sex. There is no interracial mingling here, its black girls and black guys having a grand old time. Does this sound good to you? Well, I love black girls, and I like interracial porn both ways. But sometimes the black on black stuff just looks a little, well, dark for me. Luckily I was a little surprised here, because some of the stuff here really did look good to me. But anyway, this is not a new theme, but it is definately an underused one. One thing I never really understand is that when theres an "ebony" site, its always black girls on black guys. But then theres tons of sites with black guys and white girls. What I really like is black girls and white guys, and that is ten times harder to find than even this black on black sex!

When you first sign onto Black In Black, you are given a members site which is organized like many of the network sites. There are either four or eight decent thumbnails for each set. This is all on the front page. Underneath this is a little sentence or two description of the site. And then underneath that are the links to download the videos. Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? Well, it is a simple site design and idea. But it is still effective in many ways. It gives a little aura with the description, it has good thumbs, and you can get the videos. Thats all you really need. More importantly, there is no junk anywhere on the site. There is one little ad on the top to try to get you to buy some videos of the network content on DVD. But other than that, this site is completely clean of popups, leased, or even network sites. You come in through a portal. There is a text toolbar on the bottom with contact us links, and problem solving stuff. Basically, this is about as cut and dried as you can get, and I like it a lot, it makes for a very easy download.

The videos here are available in two formats: MPG or WMV in both high and low quality. The videos here are segmented quite heavily. Some have up to ten parts. And while the videos do run pretty long, I think anything over say three is pushing it. I just hate downloading segments and I hate how it ruins the flow when you are rewatching it. It makes me miss important things. I know, people will say you can join the files. Well, if I don't like making the extra step of downloading a million segments, I'm definately not going to like the job of joining them all. And besides, I say, why doesn't the website just join them all for us, and then post a full video link? I think it's the nice thing to do. So yeah, the segmentation annoyed me quite a bit. To the point where I was skipping segments. But I guess it's just something you'll always have to deal with on sites like this. Otherwise, downloading went pretty good and it was an easy slide.

The quality on Black In Black was actually really good. I've been slagging this network a lot for a weaker video quality. Well, here the quality was stepped up a bit, and it makes a world of difference. The videos here are 748k or 1073k. The 1073k ones were kinda weak because they were very pixelated on the small screen. But 748 looked AWESOME in both small screen and full screen. I would say that this should be the quality they use from now on for sure. And that is the quality for the lions share of these movies as well, so you can definately get the best stuff here. I think that while the quality here isn't PERFECT, it is way better than you get on the network sites for the most part. So that makes this something to open your eyes a little bit.

Now the pictures are a different story. As through the entire network, the pictures are horrible vidcaps. Some of the worst I've seen though. Theres about 30 galleries for each set too, which doesn't help matters any. When are these video guys going to realize that the picture portions of the site needs to be halfway decent as well. It could do so much more for site traffic, and yes, jaded porn reviewers tend to like it after seeing page after page after page of pixelated vidcaps.

Time to talk about the girls here. And the girls here are very nice. I know I say that a lot, but porn tends to not have some ugly ass girls around. Maybe I should devise a scaling system, but that would be kind of lame. Anyway, I usually don't dig on black girls too much, actually, I do, but a special kind. I like mine either big and thick or extra beautiful. Sounds like I'm talking about a steak but I'm really not. Here, they seem to satisfy need #2 mostly! I really liked this, and as I said, I'm not the hugest fan. The action is Black on Black sex, usually done one on one and with nothing too special thrown in. Typical porn fare here, and a little flat, but it is still done really well and looks really good. Nothing special, but still solid action.

At the time of review, there were a total of 11 sets of content here on Black In Black. That is a pretty low number, but the site is part of a pretty big network of sites. Now this network is weird in that they all have relatively low content sites, but as a whole, it adds up to some pretty good content. The only problem I really have is the updates and the schedules. There doesn't seem to be a set update schedule, and some of the sites don't look to be updated. This is one of the networks that seems more focused on adding new sites than working on pre existing ones. So thats a weakness too. Let's talk network now.

This site is a member of the Stoney Pass network, which also includes: Black Mans POV, All Natural Jugs, Anal Cumsumption, Black Dicks White Slits, Almost Jailbait, Black in Black, Deep Crack High, Girls Who Suck Cock, Fresh Young Meat, Straight To The Sphincter, Swallow Every Drop, and Young Lucious Latinas. The network does appear to be updated, but pretty irregularly. As it is right now, the network isn't anything too large or major, but it's still a pretty good deal. It's not a monster like some out there, but it has some nice content spread among lots of different genres, and I'd say it's definately worth a look after some of the bigger networks out there.


This is a pretty good site. Sure, it's lean, but the content is good, and its on a nice network. Worth checking out, especially for you black fans, as you might notice there are three black sites on the network, making it very friendly if you like this kind of stuff. Overall, it's not the best out there, but it's far from the worst as well. It's one of those sites yet again that gets by on it's network and then you have to consider wether you are at all interested in the other sites of course.

30 Day - $29.95
90 Day - $79.95

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