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Review of Tonys Casting Couch:

There are some cool names out there in the world. One I like the most is Tony. Not only is it the name of my father, but it is just pretty kick ass. Sure, it is used a lot. But when you are meeting someones "cousin Tony" than theres always a sort of fear that comes behind it. Maybe its watching too many mob movies, but it is just a bad ass name. I can't think of too many gay people with the name Tony. Why am I talking about this name in the first place? Well, because todays site is Tony's Casting Couch, and that just sounds so much better than like.. Joe's Casting Couch. So here we go with Tony's Casting Couch.

Tony's Casting Couch is a site with a focus on, well, casting out women and showing them in porn. Theres not a huge theme here. Basically what the site sets out to do is have as many attractive women on site as possible, and show them doing all kinds of things. It kind of plays like one of those amateur sites, where theres a lot of different girls and not a big focus on anything. Which isn't really a bad thing, I really like the way its set up. The only real theme here though is Tony, who goes after and videotapes all of these girls. Kind of lacking here in this department, but its ok because it doesn't have to have a great theme to be successful in this realm.

When you first sign onto Tony's Casting Couch, you get a pretty well organized page. There are eight girls per page, one thumb per girl, and a whopping twenty two pages of content. On the side, there are the top rated girls listed vertically. Underneath the content is a complete mess. Just a whole ton of leased and bonus sites, ads, and whatnot. If the bottom of the page was cut off, this would be a great site design. And it's still not horrible because you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom. But with load issues and whatnot, it is kind of annoying. But the core site design is pretty good. When you get to the individual girls pages, you get some awesome thumbnailling. These pictures just look great. In fact, the pictures are so good, I think it made the women more appealing. Theres four of these good thumbnails on the top. Each video set has thumbnails from the set, but they are smaller. The picture sets are relegated to having only one thumbnail, but thats ok for picture sets. So the site design here is pretty durned good, I just wish they could axe the junk at the bottom of the main page.

The videos here on Tony's are what intrigued me the most. I may be more of a video guy, I've decided. Just seeing everything in action works better for me. Not that I don't mind a nice pose of a beautiful woman. Anyway, the videos are downloadable from that page I talked about above. The actual thumbnails for the videos aren't too great, but you already have a good idea of the hotness of the girls from the thumbnails on top. So you will pretty much know whether you want to download or not. There is only one option for downloading videos here. That is full video. Now sometimes, especially with a setup like this, you would expect smaller movies. Some of the videos here are quite large and take a long time to download. So this might not be ideal for dialup users, but at the same time, there is a nice pictures section that will be good for dialup as well. The videos are WMVs, with no other options. They do download relatively fast, especially for the size of them, which is something that helped out a lot.

The quality of videos here is a little, well, "ehh." With the one quality option, you would expect a midlevel video. And thats what you get here. The videos are 378k. Anyone who juggles with the numbers knows that this isn't the best quality. In fact, for most video heavy sites, it's considered about medium quality. And that is the best way to describe the movies here: medium. They are not terrible, they are not great. They are a little too grainy for my tastes, I'll still watch them, but I'll bitch about them as I'm watching them.

The pictures here come in two formats. Some are just vidcaps of the action from the videos. These pictures still look good, but they are lacking a little of the oomph that the exclusive pictures have. The original pictures come in at 1021x684 and they look pretty nice and clear. This might actually be the sites high point, that the pictures were done so well. It was nice to see, and is great to balance the somewhat poor quality of the videos.

The girls on Tony's Casting Couch were pretty high quality women. Very hot, and yet still somewhat regular looking. I liked them a lot. Check out the previews to see if you feel the same way. The action here was quite varied. A lot of the picture sets had solo action. The videos were mainly boy girl, with sprinklings of girl girl and solo aciton. All the way around, the action was good but nothing groundbreaking. I would say there were more shower/bathtub scenes on this site than I've seen in porn all year, so if you like watching girls get dirty and clean at the same time, this might be for you. The action is pretty long and drawn out as well, these are not quickie scenes for the most part.

As I mentioned, there were 22 pages of content. With eight girls per page, we are talking rougly 176 girls here. And with many of the girls having more than one set, we're talking lots of stuff here on Tony's Casting Couch. The updates are not really given, but the other sites here are weekly, so I'd assume this is about the same.

With your membership here, you get access to a variety of sites. They include Tony's Casting Couch, Angels of Porn, BJ POV, Nikky Blond, Stroke Jobs, Bangin Blacks, Skin Vids, Butt Bangin, My Little Nympho, Red Asses, and Shemale Pickup. Great network with lots of variety. Unfortunately the video quality doesn't get much better, but it is still a nice network overall.


The only thing holding this site down is the fact that the videos aren't quite up to par. Otherwise, this is some really hot stuff, tons of content, and a decent network. It's not one of the best things out there on the net, but its definately worth a look-see.


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