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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $14.88/30 days

Review of Stink Fillers:

You have to always fill something up. I need to go and fill up my gas tank for my car later on today. These days, where I live, that can be very financially taxing. I'm pretty thirsty right now, I must go and fill my glass with water later on. Tomorrow is payday, so I fill my wallet up. Hmrph, wonder how long that will last? And finally, I need to fill up the stink. Thats right. Take a an asshole, and just fill it up completely with my man meat. Out of all the situations, this is the least likely to happen tonight or any night anytime soon. But, I'm willing to wait. Because filling up a girls stink is one of the best things in the world, and this is a website dedicated to that.

Stink Fillers is a video focused website with a theme of anal sex. And this is not just one of those anal focused sites where its like regular porn with anal sex. This is porn focused around the ass, almost every aspect of the post blowjob portion of the action is all about anal. The girls love it, and they love to spread their asses for the camera as well. Its not really your typical anal site, and that is what is so great about it. Not only that, but the site is presented very majesticly as well. Let's take a look at the ins and outs of the site we know as Stink Fillers.

Stink Fillers is accessed through a network portal. You sign into the portal site, paid members only. From there, you select Stink Fillers. When you actually get onto Stink Fillers, you are given a page with text links of when the latest updates were and what they are, but no thumbnails. Underneath this, you get one thumbnail per girl. This thumbnail is clear and pretty good, but you can click on it to get more thumbnails (one of every segment) to give you an even better idea of what is on the sets. From there you can download the movies or move on to the pictures. Overall, this is a simple, easy to use site! I really had no navigation problems, everything is clear and clean. And it still looked pretty good. if I had any changes, I'd put more stuff near the top, as it kinda looked blank compared to everything else.

The videos were definately the focus here on Stink Fillers. The movies here are segmented, but also available in full video format. There are tons of segments for each set. These are definately long videos either way, which is cool but maybe these are a bit too long. On the other hand, some might like that. The videos are available in WMV streams at 200 kbits and 1600 kbits. You can also download MPEG videos at 1500 kbits. You can download full videos as 200 kbits or 1600kbits also. Overall, you get plenty of options. I wouldn't call this very dialup friendly though, because of the sheer length and size of all the files. Even if there is a smaller quality, I still wouldn't say its friendly. Even us broadband users will have to take a lot of time to download the files here. But is it worth the wait?

You bet it is. The quality here is simply stunning. Awesomely beautiful videos at full length, full screen, there are very few pixels at all. They just look stunning. This is definately one of the best quality sites that I have ever seen, right up there with the best of them. One of the biggest and only problems some people might have is that the action might look a little too perfect, a little too overproduced and thus might be a turnoff. Some of us don't like our porn to be too good. But theres not much else to say other than, this is one of the few sites that I think quality freaks, even the pickiest, will love love love. Now that means some of the videos are up to 500mb, actually most of them are at full video full quality. That makes them a bitch to manage, but an absolute joy to watch. Personally, I could have taken a midlevel quality to enjoy, but that wasn't offered.

The pictures here are also very excellent. They are high resolution pics. The pics are 1023 x 682 pixels and they look pretty damn good. While this isn't quite up to true picture site standards, this is ten times better than most video sites go. Which make this even a better deal, because it has quality videos and pictures. The only real complaint I would have is with the setup of the thumbnail galleries here. It is pretty ancient, and even worse, there are just way too many pictures here. They need to be sorted better, and have the best of the best listed among four or five galleries, not the close to twenty that you get here.

The girls on Stink Fillers are just as hot as the videos are. Wow. These are some beautiful women and some beautiful asses. It's like they found girls with just the perfect asses and used them here. Just amazing. They do look more professional and polished than some girls on reality sites, but at the same time, they did have their charm even if they ended up looking a little porn starish. The action here is all about anal. Sure, there are other aspects to the videos. But in the end, these are porn anal videos and fans of that will like it. Theres even a part of almost every vid where they squirt some kind of white shit in the chicks ass (no, not jizz!) I dont know what that was about, but it was interesting to see them squirt it back out in some cases! The action here was just really good as well, if a little overproduced.

At the time of review, there were a total of 10 Episodes of stink filling fun. While that is a smaller number, these files are all long as hell and they update weekly as well. That makes for an awesome site, and it is also attached to an awesome network.

As a member here, you get access to: Gag Sluts, Stink Fillers, Will She Gag, Night Mov, Tranny Ranch, Wasted Whores, Boy Mov, Dirty Sex Toons, and Bang Toons. Not a bad network by name, but only a few sites here are original. This just happens to be one of them. As a network, it is a pretty good deal, but there are definately better on the net.


A must for any anal fan. This is right up there with the best of the best, and it is definately recommended as the leader of a cool network!


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