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Review of Natashayi:

Those japanese girls have got something, I just can't put my finger on it. The site will never win any awards but it's a site that genuienly seems to care about it's members, and that goes a long way in my book.

Ok I guess if you are reading this review you are either a Natasha Yi fan or you simply like asian looking women. Well either way this site will come through, but not in a big way. All I was really missing after surfing through it at 200 mph (km/h) was MORE. There was just not enough to fullfill this need to see pictures of my new found babe'o'theday.

There are only 3 videoclip in quictime format and all three are very very good and definately worth a look, I suspect fans will be screaming for more after those few clips, but it's still not enough.
If you want you can send some E-cards, I sent out a few, so a lawsuit must be lurking 'round the corner. I also spent some time reading her bio and could amongst other things read the following:

""In 2000 I had the honor of being named Playboy's Top 20 Lingerie Supermodel and in 2001 had the honor of being chosen Playboy's Sexy Girl Next Door and was featured on the special that aired on Playboy TV"

Well she deserves it all, she is a beautiful woman and though the website leaves a little (maybe more) to be desired it's clear to see that a lot of work goes in to it. Just answering forum questions and making thumbnail collages of each shoot is a lot of work all together, so if you really want to give your members more, update a bit more often with some photoshoots.

1 month $16.95

Miss Yi is a beautiful woman and the pictures taken of her here is really high quality and beautiful. The exclusive content however is down to about 50% since a lot of the shoots are done for sites such as and When the smoke clears, it a good site for fans it just needs more content really and better updates.


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